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Complete food for BIRDS AND RODENTS.

Atmosphere packaging system,

guaranteeing better quality and freshness for your pet.

Do you want to know more about healthy and balanced food for birds and rodents?

Wide variety of
rodent food

In Yagu Group we have a wide range of food for rodents.

You can find extruded food and mixtures, so that rodents can choose and do not get bored of always eating the same.  

Bird food with Nutri+

Mixtures for macaws and parrots, nymphs and lovebirds, parakeets, canaries and breeding pastes are the products of this range of bird food.

Also, in the gourmet range we have food such as the psittacidae and extruded food for parrots.

Nutri+ High Energy, premium food

Extruded food for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and squirrels.

The best raw materials: hay, alfalfa, vegetables, fruits and cereals, all natural ingredients!

No GMO (genetically modified organisms) or NGS (distillers’ solubles).

We tell you more about this premium food for rabbits and other rodents in the video. Have you seen it yet?

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