Fish and turtle food

Specipez has been manufacturing food, medicines and water conditioners for freshwater and saltwater fish since 1994.

We have more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and packaging fish and turtle food. That is why we can offer a range of high quality products.

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Fish flake food

Specipez’s products include flakes for both tropical and cold water fish.

They are fresh flakes, since the time between manufacturing and delivery to the point of sale is minimal.

They are high protein flakes, so our fish are healthier and more robust.

Wide variety of foods

So that our fish do not get bored of eating always the same, we have a great variety of food.

You can find food in grain, stick, freeze-dried or dry, for tropical and cold water fish.

We also have specific food for discus, cichlids, fry and even turtles.

Aquarium conditioners

Specipez also has other products for water conditioning, such as general conditioner, fertilizer for aquarium plants or products for pH control.

You can consult our wide range of products in our general catalog.

Download our catalog

In our catalog you will find all the products of our food brand Specipez.